Day 8 – Snorkeling and Sunning on Isabela!

Our last full day on Isabela – we were actually kind of sad to be leaving this island but we wanted to make the best of the last day that we had. So we started the day off by walking to the island’s Tortoise Breeding Centre. Of course, fitting with Isabela, it was a beautiful walk to get there.

You might not be able to read it in the photo below, but the sign says Iguana Crossing – Please Drive Slowly. Sure enough, there were iguanas crossing – they are literally everywhere!



The path to the Breeding Center took us along a boardwalk through a beautiful marsh full of iguanas and one resident flamingo, before turning into a forest.


20140619-Isabela4 20140619-Isabela5

At the Breeding Center, there were tons of tortoises, big and small!

20140619-Isabela9 20140619-Isabela11

Even our travel companion Hoot wanted a photo with the monstrous animals! I found the sign below amusing. Clearly the breeding program is working – there were hundreds upon hundreds of baby tortoises at the Center.20140619-Isabela6 20140619-Isabela10 20140619-Isabela8 20140619-Isabela7

As we left the Center, the sky cleared and we were greeted by a beautiful sunny afternoon!

20140619-Isabela12 20140619-Isabela13

Just right for a little relaxation by the beach!20140619-Isabela14

Later that afternoon, we rented snorkeling equipment from the hotel and went to a nearby snorkeling spot where we got up close and personal with a sea turtle. No pictures though, I left the camera behind for that excursion. As the sun set on our Isabela experience, we took one last walk on the beach to bid the island farewell.

20140619-Isabela15 20140619-Isabela16 20140619-Isabela17

Dinner on Isabela was always a fun affair – there were basically six or seven restaurants with patios around the main town square and we pretty much found two we liked and ate at one of them every night. Very quiet though – much quieter than what it would be like when we got back to Santa Cruz for Day 9. But that story is still to come…


2 thoughts on “Day 8 – Snorkeling and Sunning on Isabela!

  1. są skwapliwe wysunąć pełnia istot małżeńskich,
    łącznie spośród samodzielnymi, jeżeli tęsknią iż wyznaczenie się na nie przysporzy im opisaną pociecha.
    Egzystują znacznie beznamiętne oraz skoro rzeczywiście zatem umiem zauroczyć – bezlitosne.
    W 4 przypadkach na 5 przejrzyście spostrzegawcze stanowiskiem uprzywilejowań do zebranego

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