Sunrise over the Colca Canyon

This shot was taken while climbing back up the Colca Canyon after spending the night at the bottom. We started the trek before sunrise, around 4 AM, but our guide didn’t know where to go and by 5 AM we had done a full circle back to the starting point. We finally found the right path, and started up. The sun rise over the canyon was absolutely spectacular and while I stopped for some water and a break from the tough climbing, I grabbed a few shots of the sun peaking over the mountains.

Its been a busy few weeks lately. After initially thinking about staying in town for the G20, I opted to leave town instead and I’m glad I did. Although the photographic potential was definitely there, the risk of being hurt, arrested or worse was not worth the payoff. Progress on the photos from South America has been slow, but steady. I’m hoping now to have a book together and for sale by Christmas (just kidding, really the end of the summer is more realistic).

Today I opened up a little present for myself – the Canon T2i, which I’ll be playing with for the next two weeks and then making a final decision over whether to keep it and move on from the Rebel XS, or if I don’t find the benefits to be significant enough, I will stay with the XS. At first glance, I’m impressed with it but I haven’t really had much chance to test it yet.

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