The Golden Poplar Forest

Welcome to a new View Found! Over the weekend, I completely transferred the underlying database that runs the website from Pixelpost over to WordPress. In order to make everything work, I changed the design ever so slightly, but I think I like the new look (i.e. View Found v3.0). Being on WordPress will give me a lot more flexibility in what I can do with the site – including what I’m about to do today, put multiple photos within one post! This will be great as it means that I can show series’ of photos from one shoot all at once as opposed to running them one a day. You’ll also notice that I dropped the ‘A Daily Photograph’ from the title. That was a little too lofty of an aspiration in the long term. View Found will now be more of a traditional blog where I post when I feel like it. There is still a lot to do. Unfortunately, I lost all my categories and tags in the conversion, so I will have to go back and recategorize/retag everything. But I was able to keep all the blog comments that people have left, so that’s exciting!

Alright, on to the photos. This past Saturday night was Nuit Blanche in Toronto, an all-night art exhibition all over the city. So I walked around for a few hours, and at one point found myself at the Casa Loma stables. Inside, a group of artists had setup an exhibit entitled Poplar Paradiso. Essentially, a poplar forest was recreated inside one of the stables and lighting was used to simulate a full day (from sunrise to sunset) every 5-10 minutes.


I first arrived just as the sunset was starting. The yellows of the poplar leaves were absolutely glowing.


As I stayed longer, the sun continued to set on the poplar forest, leaving us in eventual darkness.


After a few minutes, the sun began to rise again on the other side.


I stayed for one or two cycles before leaving to explore other exhibits, though I would have been happy to remain in the forest for quite a while.



Behind Bars

Its been a while, I know!! There will be a couple of occasional posts this summer, but the plan is to completely redesign the site in the fall on WordPress, that will turn the site into more of a blog that doesn’t require daily maintenance.

In the meantime, here’s my friendly building cat Georgia – you saw her before, here. She was escaping the summer heat by curling inside an abandoned milk crate in the shade outside our building. What a rascal!